Through a Windshield Darkly

Last night, it took all of two hours—I kid you not—to travel a distance of ten kilometers north from where I was staying in Colaba, South Bombay, to Lower Parel. I checked up on Google Maps before I headed out, learning that it would take only thirty minutes to drive, one hour by bus, and two hours to walk. I don't have a car here, and if I did, I'd be scared as hell to drive--anywhere in India, actually. I don't know the bus routes. As for walking, well, it was raining heavily, so that was definitely out of the question. This is monsoon season, after all. Which left taking a taxi as the only viable option, and even then, it took half an hour to catch one. People do this every day, mind you, by all manner of transportation--I really shouldn't complain. 

Anyway, stuck in traffic steps from the front of Chhatrapati Shivaji Station, formerly Victoria Terminus, which opened in 1887, I snapped this picture from the backset. Turned out okay, I think. Almost made the whole ordeal worth it, in the end. Almost.