Why academics' writing stinks

Steven Pinker has some insights on effective writing: 

The purpose of writing is presentation, and its motive is disinterested truth. It succeeds when it aligns language with truth, the proof of success being clarity and simplicity. The truth can be known and is not the same as the language that reveals it; prose is a window onto the world. The writer knows the truth before putting it into words; he is not using the occasion of writing to sort out what he thinks. The writer and the reader are equals: The reader can recognize the truth when she sees it, as long as she is given an unobstructed view. And the process of directing the reader’s gaze takes the form of a conversation.

Just the kind of thing academics suck at, in other words. I wouldn't disagree, either. Though, to be frank, I'm not I sure needed any more reason to be anxious about my own writing. Anyway, there it is. Not a bad piece of writing, actually.