To the left a picture of the atrium at the cafe inside Diamond District, one of Bangalore's first gated communities, out along Old Airport Road, in the east of the city. This is where I conducted approximately 50 of my original interviews with the golf caddies at the Karnataka Golf Association (KGA). The first was recorded in the spring of 2008, a year into my fieldwork--back when Old Airport Road was simply Airport Road, before commercial flights shifted to the new airport in Yellahanka--and the last this past Sunday morning.

I'm here for updates and fact checking, with caddies and members alike, at the KGA, as well as at the Bangalore Golf Club, across town, and at the Eagleton Golf Resort, along the Mysore Highway--I had visited 18 golf clubs across the country, but these three are the primary focus of the study. The manuscript, almost complete, is due early 2017 to Oxford University Press, with a publication date a year later. There's another chapter to write, a conclusions, and a methods section. Otherwise, it's a matter of revising, updating, and fact checking. Hence, this latest visit.

And what a trip it's been: the interviews (300-plus), the learning and playing golf (badly), the whiskey on clubhouse patios with members, the home visits with caddies, the school visits with their children. In all, two and a half years living in Bangalore, over a span of nine years, nearly a quarter of my life, and now the end, or close to it. At times depressing, inspiring, frustrating, radicalizing--it's given me life, and a career. I'll miss it.