Elites and us

At the Eastern Sociological Society (ESS) Meetings in Philadelphia last weekend, Hugo Ceron-Anaya, assistant professor of sociology at Lehigh University, and I organized a three-panel mini-conference on elites. The idea for the mini-conference developed out of our mutual research interests, if also our chosen sites of investigation: Hugo has spent considerable time studying elites at private golf courses in Mexico City, while I've done the same at private golf courses in Bangalore, India. For our part, Hugo and I presented a paper on the way race, language, and citizenship, in addition to gender and class, influenced what kind of access we were able to obtain during the course of our respective projects. For a run-down on other topics covered in the mini-conference itself, plus another panel on elites and inequality the following day featuring Shamus Khan, Ashley Mears, Cristobal Young, Brooke Harrington, and Murray Milner, check out Jessica Sherwood's excellent review over at Medium